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Since 1999, both Dr. Larry and Dr. Jan have been working with the nonprofit organization Shoulder to Shoulder (www.shouldertoshoulder.org) to provide dental care and promote dental education to the rural poor in two villages in Honduras. Dozens of other people – colleagues, friends, relatives, dental students and even some of our patients have accompanied us on these trips. Over the past twenty years our work has evolved. Dr. Jan was instrumental in developing educational programs and mentoring two Honduran dentists, while Dr. Larry was the force behind finding affordable and gently used dental equipment to set up the two clinics that have four chairs each.

Our most recent trip was in January, 2019, and two of our employees, Emily (dental hygienist) and Beth (former hygienist and assistant) shared in the adventure of hiking up and over a mountain to reach a remote village.   After reaching the village that is inaccessible by vehicle or animal, we completely understood why the people of the community were unable to come to our clinic.

Over the years we have provided treatment for thousands of patients.. More important, however, is our emphasis on saving teeth and teaching the people good oral health habits so they and their children are not doomed to extractions.

We would like to thank all of our colleagues, friends, relatives, and patients who have donated generously over the years to help fund this program.

In addition to the work in Honduras, Larry and Jan Participate in dental and non-dental activities a bit closer to home.   Listed below are some of the events and associations that we support, currently or in the recent past, through work or donations:

  • Boys Hope dental care
  • The Covedale Theater
  • Cheviot Westwood Community Organization – recognition of Young Citizens
  • Block Ministries
  • My Neighbor’s Place Health Fairs
  • Prospect House
  • Good Samaritan Free Health Clinic
  • Cincinnati Oral Health Foundation
  • The Drama Workshop/Glenmore Playhouse